The Past and the Present of Hydroponics

From the beginning of time, plants have grown in our lakes and oceans. However, many believe hydroponics started in the ancient city of Babylon as a system of growing plants. It is believed that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are the first successful attempts to grow plants using the system of hydroponics.

Out of necessity, in 11th century, a nomadic tribe known as the Aztecs of Central America practiced the methods of hydroponics. Due to absence of land to cultivate for plant growth, they were forced to find ways of producing crop to support their needs. Hence, “Chinampas” were developed. These are floating rafts of the Aztecs where in soils from the bottom of a lake were placed and on top of the soils, plants were placed. Since the rafts were made of reeds, weeds and rushes, the roots of the plants grew through the soil down into the water below.

Another example of hydroponics in history was illustrated by Marco Polo in his renowned journals. His writings about floating gardens of China were evidences that practice of hydroponics is not a new concept at all but can be considered as very old system of plant growing.

Many scientific experiments were conducted that led to the introduction of the term “hydroponics”. These experiments can be traced back as early as 1600s. However, it was between the early 1800′s and the 1920′s when phenomenal discoveries and developments were accomplished. The greenhouse industry expressed interests in the newly acquired knowledge called “Nutriculture,” as hydroponics was labeled at that time.

Dr. William F. Gericke of the University of California at Berkeley centered his research on practical crops growing for large scale commercial purposes. At this point, he created the term, “hydroponics”, which was originated from the Greek words, hydro (meaning water) and ponos (meaning labor). Literally, hydroponics means “water-working”. His work and research is regarded as the basis for all forms of hydroponic s although his works were principally limited to water culture without the use of a medium.

The Present

As an idea, since the beginning of time, hydroponics has been around. As a science, it is relatively new.

Nowadays, hydroponics has been applied to both indoor and outdoor farms to growing quality crops, to provide food for third world countries and even to applications in the space program.

Currently, the demand for premium produce is soaring. Hence, demand for more farms using hydroponics is also high.

In addition, there are many home gardeners that use hydroponics as their system. Hydroponics makes gardening available to those who do not have a yard or access to soil since a garden that uses method of hydroponics can be set up indoors, in a patio or in balcony or rooftop.

Birthstone Earrings Make Meaningful Presents

Birthstone earrings can make for a special present for any special occasion. Earrings and other jewelry are common gift items but to attach a birthstone to it gives symbolic weight to the jewels. Each gemstone is believed to draw a specific set of charms to the wearer.

Associating gemstones with powers is a practice that dates back to before 1300 B.C – as steeped in lore and legends. Gems have been revered even long before this because of their exquisiteness and rarity; each kind was appropriated different sets of mystic properties. The history of gems and its mystical value has been so long running that the original attributes appointed to each gem has become diversified and different across cultures. As an example, there is a difference in the special powers and months associated with gems in the traditional list from Poland, and in the modern set used in America.

Wearing of birthstones is thought to have started in Poland in the 15th century. Because the powers of gems were associated to months, wealthy Europeans of olden times wore different gems for each corresponding month. It was in the 18th century that people started to wear gemstones as birthstones or lucky charms for their birth month.

Today, there is a standard list of what charms each gem holds for a particular birth month as formulated by the Jewelers of America. Whether or not the charms in it are actually true, the thought and meaning each gem brings is good to get one person’s sentiment across. For example, giving opal birthstone earrings carries a wish for the recipient to be protected from illness and diseases.

The Hydroponic System Past and Present

The hydroponic system has been around since the late 19th century when researchers discovered that plants could be cultivated more efficiently by introducing nutrients through water and that soil was not necessary. Plants may be grown with their roots in a mineral solution in an inert substance such vermiculite or mineral wool. It was discovered that plants are capable of absorbing essential mineral nutrients as inorganic ions in water. While soil acts as nutrient reservoir, nutrients are not actually present in the soil and can therefore be delivered through water. When this water is introduced artificially the need for soil is no longer there and thus water can be strained through the growth medium in order to bring nutrients to the plants.

In 1929 a Professor at the University of California at Berkeley began to announce publicly that solution based cultures can be used for plant production. Originally it was referred to aquaculture but this did not stick due to the fact that aquaculture was already a term applied to aquatic organisms. Professor Gericke began to gain notoriety by growing extremely large tomato plants with his hydroponic techniques utilizing very potent nutrient solutions. Professor Gericke is the first person to coin the term “hydroponics” and that is what this style of growing has been referred to ever since. Gericke was approached by the University of California about his findings and he claimed that all of his discoveries were made at home and thus his exclusive property. In order to better safeguard his claims he left the University to promote his findings full time.

Gericke originally defined hydroponics as anything to do with crop growth occurred in conjunction mineral nutrient solutions and no solid solution for the roots. He denied any application of hydroponics in regard to sand and gravel mediums being utilized. He reasoned that the difference between hydroponics and soil-less medium is that the soil-less medium had a water solution passed through it that carried nutrients to the plants through their roots.

Among the first successful implementations of hydroponics happened on Wake Island where hydroponics was used to grow vegetables for Pan American Airlines passengers. This was necessary because there was no suitable soil on Wake Island to grow vegetables with and the cost of airlifting fresh vegetables was far too high at the time. This type of pioneering with regard to food production has translated to many different industries and needs over the years.

Among these new applications have been the developments of advanced hydroponic systems by NASA that enable astronauts to grow their own food in space. These developments and many others demonstrate the huge universe of application for hydroponic growth systems and prove that it is the technology of the future for many different types of cultivation. Any type of terrestrial plant can be grown in a hydroponic apparatus making this technology very important not only in today’s world but very much so in the future as well, there is virtually no limit to what a hydroponic system can produce!

In the 1960s, Allen Cooper of England developed the Nutrient film technique. The Land Pavilion at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center opened in 1982 and prominently features a variety of hydroponic techniques. In recent decades,NASA has done extensive hydroponic research for their Controlled Ecological Life Support System or CELSS. Hydroponics intended to take place on Mars are using LED lighting to grow in different color spectrum with much less heat.

In 1978, hydroponics pioneer Dr. Howard Resh published the first edition of his book “Hydroponics Food Production.” This book (now updated) spurred what has become known as the 3-part base nutrients formula that is still a major component of today’s hydroponics gardening. Resh later went on to publish other books, and is currently in charge of a highly advanced hydroponic systems research and production facility in the Caribbean.

Walking Bike for Kids – Better At Christmas Or As A Birthday Present?

Can you think back to how it feels as an excited toddler? Is Christmas the most exciting time, when you share it with everybody, or is your own special birthday best? Is there really a better time to get a great present, or does the gift itself make that day the best?

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While birthdays also provide another opportunity for the walking bike as gift of choice, I think it is important to remember that a child’s development sometimes pays no heed to the calendar. We might sometimes need to make a start with the walking bike when there is no official celebration. We can watch out and try to spot the right time to ‘spoil’ our little people.

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